Belt Over Roller Conveyor

Belt Over Roller conveyor

Belt over roller conveyor is a very common style of conveyor. Belt over roller (also known as belt on roller, or BOR) conveyor consists of a long belt that is wrapped around the rollers in a conveyor bed. This belt is spliced together and is kept under tension to provide friction against a powered roller that then drives the entire length of the conveyor belt. Belt on roller conveyor has several advantages over other belt type conveyors. Specifically, it's typically able to support heavier and more irregularly shaped loads and also provides greater control over the orientation of the load. Belt over roller conveyor is also ideal for inclines or declines.

Belt Over Roller Conveyor Prices

Pro Tip!

Pro Tip

"Roller conveyor typically comes in either above-frame or below-frame roller configurations. If the rollers are the above-frame type, your package can be wider than the overall width of the conveyor. If your rollers are below-frame, your package can only be as wide as the conveyor frame."
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Belt Driven Roller Conveyor

Belt Driven Roller Conveyor

While technically, belt driven live roller conveyors don't use a belt to directly convey loads, it still uses a drive belt to provide power to the conveyor rollers. The difference here however, is that the belt lies under the conveyor rollers and provides power to each roller from underneath. This belt creates friction on each roller which drives the rollers and conveys the load. Belt driven conveyor can be used with many other types of conveyors in a complete conveyor system, but is not ideal for loads of differing shapes or inclining/declining movement.

Belt Driven Roller Conveyor Prices

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SJF Material Handling has miles of belt conveyors in stock at its Winsted, MN headquarters. All makes and models are typically in-stock, but you can rest assured that if we don't have it, we can either make it or find it using our large nationwide dealer network. Common brands of powered belt conveyor that we usually stock include: Omni, Matthews, Rapistan, TGW Ermanco, Lewco, Hytrol, Buschman, Alvey, Versa, Automotion and more.

SJF also travels nationwide looking to buy used conveyors and conveyor systems. Simply tell us what you have and if interested, our conveyor experts will travel to your location for inspection and removal.

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